Sunday, 2 April 2017

Urrgh.... Not a great start!

Hi there lovelies,

Firstly can I start by saying a HUGE "Thank you", you're lovely you are, you really are!
Since launching "The Singing Mummy Diaries" last Sunday I've had so many nice comments and likes on pages and messages just showing so such love and support. For that, I am really grateful!

This week has been my first week of The Singing Mummy Diaries.

You can watch this week's short vlog HERE

Each week I'll be posting one of these on my The Singing Mummy Diaries, YouTube Channel. You'll be able to watch them every Sunday!

It's not been the coolest first week as by Tuesday I was feeling pretty grotty. Little Un is now at nursery and seems to be bringing bugs home! He's had a bit of a runny nose and has been a little bit grumpy but still has been fine. However me, different story. I'm full of it. I've got a sore throat and a right stuffy nose. Not cool for singing I can tell you. Therefore this week has been more about planning and rest rather than lots of practice. This isn't the ideal start for my journey back onto the stage. However, this is real life and you are following a real journey. So let the show go on.... 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

I'm a Mummy but I'm also a Singer...

I guess that I should introduce myself to you as this is a new blog? If this is the first time we've met, "Hello and thanks for joining me on a very special journey following me from the sofa back to the stage." However, if you've followed me for a while and have somehow clicked on a link and decided to have a little read. I'll just say "Ta, duck!".

So a little about me. My name's Clare Elise. My claim to fame is that I appeared in the Sheilas' Wheels TV Commercial back in 2007, yes that means that in May It'll be 10 years since I beat 11,500 people to appear in that pink car. Sheilas' Wheels was amazing...

I'll never forget how excited I was one morning in the Summer or 2007. I was sat in my Pj's, my hair all a mess and a cup of tea in hand enjoying five minutes of me time before I got on the road again to my next gig. All of a sudden the Sheilas' Wheels TV advert came on the little box set TV that was perched in the corner. It was so awesome to see myself on TV and it was such a boost to my confidence as it felt like that finally all my hard work was paying off!

I'd been on stage the night before and I remember being greeted by some little fans as I left my caravan to set off to my next holiday park gig and I remember one of them asking for my autograph on a crisp packet! Ha, ha,ha... I proper giggled to myself that day. DAY MADE! 

In 2006 I had also had some success. I got chosen to be a contestant in the TRENT FM Fame Game. The competition took over a whole month and during that time I managed to meet famous peeps, get on tv and even arrived in a fire engine to a party. It was a crazy old time but by doing all the crazy stuff I won a dream holiday to Los Angeles. Something that I will always remember as it was AMAZING!..... I'm very thankful and grateful always of all the support that I had from family and friends during that mad month! 

Music has always been a passion of mine. When I was growing up I spent hours locked away in my room listening to BBC Radio 1 and the chart show and singing along to karaoke cassettes (yes I am that old!), also I spent hours dreaming about being on Top Of The Pops. I guess that dream won't ever come true now!  By the age of 15 / 16, I was out there singing anywhere that I could whether it was to support a charity close to my heart or to try my luck at winning a prize in a talent competition... This YouTube video shares a lot so have a little watch > 

Eventually, another dream came true. I got my first presenting gig on the local radio station. My Evening Show on Mansfield 103.2 was super special for me as it was an opportunity for me to support and showcase local talent. When I was in my first band Subject 2 Status we found it really hard to get airplay as there just wasn't the opportunity to get your music heard unless a label took you under their wing.

Whilst presenting on radio both here in the UK & in Dubai I managed to interview/meet some amazing musicians & bands. Something that I am so thankful for. 

So there's a little bit about ickle old me. Basically, for years I toured the UK & Europe as a cabaret artiste singing here and there. I've fronted bands and I've sung solo. I've even played in a club in Skegness where Jane McDonald used to gig before she got famous! 
Singing & music was my life. In 2011 I finally released my first track and since then I've featured on several dance tracks which can be found on Itunes, Beatport, Amazon etc.

Then in 2015 something amazing happened. I became a Mum! This was the most magical day of my life. I wasn't ever sure if I would be blessed with a Little One as I was told by a gynaecologist that my PCOS was so bad that I wouldn't probably ever get pregnant. I proved them wrong. 

As soon as Little Un came along that was it, I was a mum and everything became about him. I soon began to lose my interest in music mainly because my decision about whether I could do radio alongside being a mum was made for me and my radio presenting career came to a halt! I'm not gonna lie it saddened me a lot, however family comes first and that's where my focus went.

Little Un is now 2. He's full of sparkle, as you would expect! Every single day he makes me and his Daddy smile and every single day he surprises us. He adores music and since he was born I've always sung to him. He seems to be a fan of nineties dance, which suits Mummy just fine. 

In February a memory popped up on Facebook. It was a picture of me singing nine years ago at a big showcase event. It got me thinking about my music/singing career and it made me realise just how much I missed it. I shared the picture / memory...

I asked if I should be back in stage singing. I got 99 likes straight away over 20 comments saying "YES DO IT!" and I even had people sharing the status and messaging me about gigs. The response was crazy. I'm not gonna lie I felt totally overwhelmed by the love and support. 

Getting back on stage had been in the back of my mind for a little while I'm not gonna lie. However, lack of confidence and self-doubt started to hold me back...

So here we are then... It's Mother's Day 2017, it's the 26th March and it's the day that I launch "The Singing Mummy Diaries". This is it, I'm gonna try to get my foot back into showbiz get my bum back into the recording studio and my sparkly self back behind a mic on stage.

How I go about doing that just yet, I'm not quite sure and here's where the blog / my new sparkly YouTube Channel come in. This is the place where you can follow my journey from sofa back on to stage. 

Now before anyone asks, I am still keeping my Clare Elise Sparkles blog don't worry. There you'll still find my random chatter alongside beauty reviews and other stuff. Here though it'll be all about music and my singing. So if that's your thing and you wanna stick by my side on my magical sparkly journey then click follow on my Facebook Page, Instagram page and Pinterest page and click subscribe to follow my vlogs and chat here on my new YouTube Channel.

Let's do this...